Yield Farming on Avalanche and Pangolin

With this guide, you will learn how to provide liquidity and yield farming on the Avalanche network using Pangolin exchange. To do so, you should have MetaMask installed (see here a step-by-step guide on how to install it), and Avalanche Network should be set up (adding Avalanche network in MetaMask). There are a lot of pools where you could provide liquidity, and the APY is varying. Here I will use AVAX and PNG as an example, but you can choose another pair. Avalanche is a promising chain, so you may be want to learn how to use it before the hype. Pangolin exchange has a great user interface, and transaction fees are cheap. So let’s not wasting time and begin with the step-by-step tutorial.


1. Open https://app.pangolin.exchange/#/swap and connect to MetaMask. Make sure your MetaMask wallet is on the Avalanche network.

go to pangolin


2. Fowol the steps in the picture below.

connect pangolin with metamask


3. Click connect on MetaMask



4. Now, let’s swap AVAX for PNG. This is going to be the liquidity pair in the guide (you can choose something else). It is important to know that to provide liquidity, the coins’ value should be split 50/50. As you can see in the picture, I got 1 AVAX coin, so I will convert 0.5 AVAX to PNG and keep 0.5 AVAX.

AVAX and PNG liquidity


6.Press confirm. Bear in mind that you may need to adjust the gas in MetaMask (check the article on how to use MetaMask if you don’t know how).



7. Check the gas and confirm.

confirm transaction


Providing liquidity Pangolin


1. When the transaction is finished, click pool and then provide liquidity.

provide liquidity


2. Select the pair ( in this case, AVAX/PNG)



3. Choose the amount and press approve PNG, and confirm in the wallet.

aprove png


4. Now click PNG and then Deposit.

click png


5. Add AVAX-PNG liquidity.

Add AVAX - PNG liquidity


6. Next screen, click supply.

supply png


7. Confirm supply.

next screen


8. Approve and confirm.

approve and confirm


9. Deposit and confirm in MetaMask.



10. Now, when you already provided the liquidity and want to check how much your stake is earning, go to the pool and then click your staked liquidity.

check stake Pangolin


Congrats, now you know how to provide liquidity and yield farming on the Avalanche and Pangolin exchange.




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