How to use MetaMask Wallet

In this article, I will walk you through how to use MetaMask wallet by showing you some tricks. You will learn to swap, add tokens, import private keys, and create accounts in your wallet. If you don’t have MetaMask wallet installed yet, check out how to install MetaMask. Let’s not spending more time and begin.

Swapping tokens in Metamask

MetaMask gives you the function to trade in the wallet directly. Basically, MetaMask compares the prices and fees to different DEXs (Uniswap, 1inch, etc.) and provides you with the best one with lower fees. The minus is that the fee of 0.875% is added on every quote and, in the end, could be a bit expensive. The good thing is that the fee is distributed to fund the developers working on this great wallet. As a benefit, I could point out the integrated swap is more secure. You don’t need to permit other websites or Dapps. There is the possibility that soon MetaMask to launch its own token, and people who use that function get rewarded with some tokens.

1. First, open MetaMask and press swap.

swap tokens in metamask


2. Chose the tokens you want to trade. In this example, we trade ETH for HEX.

select tokens to trade


3. Press get quotes and wait a few seconds.

get quotes


4. Proceed by pressing swap.



How to add Tokens to MetaMask?

You should have a token in your wallet, but it isn’t showing?! Don’t panic; you still have the fund, but they need to be added manually. In this case, we will need to get the smart contract address. You could find it at or I suggest using CoinGecko. Use the search function of the token you wish to add. When you click in, find the etherscan link and click it. It will redirect you to the right page in, so you will be able to copy the contract address.

1. Open Coingecko. In the search box, type the token you like to add in MetaMask ( we use trust swap as an example).

open coingecko


2. Click etherscan.



3. Copy contract address.


4. Open MetaMask and scroll down. Then click add a token.

add token in metamask


5.  First, select custom token and then paste the address you copied from etherscan.  The token name will appear below. Press next.

paste the address


6. Proceed by pressing Add Tokens.

add token

All done. Now you have a little better understanding of how to use MetaMask as you learned to add tokens.


How to set Gas Limit and Gas Price in MetaMask?

There is an option in MetaMask where transaction fees could be customized. Gas is the Ethereum blockchain is the unit that measures the work required to process the transaction. If the transaction is to send ETH from one address to another wouldn’t require much gas. But if the transaction executes a smart contract in the virtual machine, the gas you need to pay is higher.  The more complex smart contract is more geas will require.

Ethergasstation is an excellent source to follow gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain to check every time before sending a transaction. For example, if you are not in a hurry to send the transaction or execute the smart contract, there is no need to pay the highest fee. You could calculate the minimum, wait for a few blocks, and your transaction will be confirmed. It could be done the other way around if you want to transaction to be included and confirmed in the first few blocks.

Now let’s have a look at how to adjust the fees in the MetaMask wallet.

1.Open Metamask, click on the top right circle, and after that, press settings.

top right circle


2. Click advanced

click advanced


3. Make sure the advanced gas controls are ON.

advanced gas control


4. Next click edit.

edit transaction


5. On the following window, you will see 3 options. You could choose one of them or check the gas prices in eth gas station and adjust them manually by clicking advanced.

basic transaction


6. Below, you could see how to change GWEI by yourself. When finished, press save.

advanced fee


Congrats, you know how to change GWEI in MetaMask.


Creating Accounts in MetaMask

When you are setting up your MetaMask wallet, your account is automatically generated along with the seed phrase. It will appear as Acount1 in your wallet. MetaMask allows you to operate and open more than one account if you wish to. Doing so is very easy.


1. First click on the top right circle, and then press Create Account.

open account in metamask


2. Name your account and continue by clicking Create.

account name


3. Your new account is ready.

account ready


Import a Private Key in MetaMask

You can import your private key into MetaMask wallet. It is a straightforward and simple process.

1. Click the circle In the top right corner and press Import Account after that.

import private key in metamask


2. Paste or type the private key in the box. Proceed by pressing import.

paste the private key

Congratulation, you have imported the private key successfully.



I hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use MetaMask wallet!







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