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In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the app and show you how to access the futures like paying through the app, earn, supercharger, etc. is a company that is making it easy for buying, selling, trading, and spending cryptocurrency by anyone. Their best product is the cryptocurrency debit card that gives you a cashback in CRO ( currency). There are no many, if any, debit cards out there that reward their users with cashback. If you are reading this article, you already have the card, but if you don’t, have a look at this article to learn more about Now let’s begin with the tutorial of the app.

Open App. Click the home icon to see the menu. App Home page


2. When you are on the main menu, you will see all the App’s futures. From here is the easiest way to operate the App. We will start from the top to the bottom to see some of the futures, so click Crypto Wallet. app main menu


Crypto Wallet


There are 4 icons on the screen. 1 is if you want to buy cryptocurrency. 2 is if you want to sell a cryptocurrency you have. 3. You could buy gift cards, top-up your mobile, scan and paying directly via the QR code with CRO tokens, and send crypto to your friends directly. 4th option is Transfer. With this one, you could deposit or cryptocurrency in the App or withdraw crypto to external wallets.

Crypto wallet


Track Coins


The second option from the menu is Track Coins. Here you could select your favorite cryptocurrencies and track their price performance. To do so, click the bell icon and choose your favorites.

Track coins on App


Fiat Wallet


The next option is Fiat Wallet. Here you could transfer money from your bank to your account.

Transfer fiat from bank to account


Recurring Buy


Recurring Buy option. Here you could set up buying cryptocurrency of your choice on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. The steps are as follows: click Setup recurring buying, choose the cryptocurrency, select frequency, confirm the day of the week and select the card you like to pay.

Recurring buy Visa Card

The card menu in is where you are controlling your spending. Here you could convert crypto in your local currency and spend it everywhere a visa is accepted. To do so, you need to click option 1 (top-up). The second option is to exchange where you can exchange fiat to fiat (for example, GBP to EUR). Option 3 is Send, where you could transfer local currency to a friend. Option 4 is where you track your spending, and option five is the place where you could see the card details (Pin, Card number, etc.). card app



This option is the same as the 4th one in the Crypto wallet to skip it.



With the Supercharger feature in, you could lock Cro tokens for a period of time and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. You need to keep an eye on your app to know the projects in the supercharger.




Crypto earn is an option where you are getting paid interest on your cryptocurrency by locking it for a period of time.




Here you could see the bonuses of your referrals. Each time someone signs up with your referral, you both getting $25. rewards


Referral Bonus

You could share your referral code with friends and family to get rewarded $25 each. referral bonus


From the main menu of the App, you can access every future of the app, and it is probably the easiest way to do so.

I hope you already know how to use the app and card. If you still don’t have the card, you could sign with my code and get a $25 bonus.






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