How to Sell .Crypto Domain on

In this guide, I will show you how to sell .crypto domain on Opensea is a marketplace for trading NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). As you probably already know the domains from are also based on the ERC-721 standard so could be traded as collectibles. In my opinion, crypto domains are a lot more useful as they could change the wallet addresses with human-readable names which are very convenient. Also, they could be used as uncensorable domains. If you don’t have a .crypto domain yet check this article to learn how to buy it and claim it. The whole process is very easy so let’s begin.

1. Now when the domain is claimed and is in your MetaMask wallet go to and click my account in the top right corner.

go to


2. Click sign in to proceed.

sign in


3. Press next to connect with MetaMask wallet and step2 click connect.

click next  step 2 connect


4. The account is created and your .crypto domain will appear. Then click the domain you like to sell.

open sea account



5. Click sell.

sell domain


6. Now on the top you will see the name of the domain. In this case, is hexforce.crypto. You could choose biding or fixed price but I will go with a set price.

sell the domain


7. Sign in MetaMask.


8. Congrats, you published your .crypto unstoppable domain for sale on

HEXforce.crypto domain


Bear in mind that during the registration on you may be asked for an email address. Hope this guide is helpful and you now know how to sell .crypto domain on





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