How to Buy and Claim .Crypto Domain

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to buy and claim  .crypto domain. Crypto domains from unstoppable domains are gaining popularity and could be the next big thing. The reason for that is because domains are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and basically, that makes them censorship-resistant. Crypto Domains using ERC-721 non-fungible token standard (NFT), so that is why every domain is unique. Basically, there are two major benefits of having a .crypto domain. The first reason is that crypto domains replacing existing wallet addresses with human-readable names and the second reason is that you could launch the domain on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). Now when we briefly summarize what a crypto domain is, let’s begin with a tutorial. To follow, the guide MetaMask wallet is required, so if you don’t have one follow this step-by-step guide to install it.


Buying Unstoppable Domain

1. Go to and sign up.

2. Chose a domain you like to buy.

search for .crypto domain


3. Add the chosen domain to your basket by clicking Add to cart. Then go to the top right corner and click on the basket.

add to cart


4. Go to checkout.



5. There are few options to pay with, but I will do it with to get 10% off. Click Pay at the bottom. The QR code will appear, so scan the QR code with your app.

pay with


Claiming unstoppable domain


Now when you bought your unstoppable domain is time to claim it with your MetaMask wallet.


1.  First, click top left and then select my domains.

go to my domains


2. There are few options to claim the domain, but we will claim it with ETH. Make sure that you have some ETH in your MetaMask wallet. Click claim with ETH.

claim with ETH


3. Click send code by email.

claim domains


4. Go to your email and copy the code. Next, paste it as it shows on the picture.

paste the code


5. Select web3 wallet.

web3 wallet


6. Connect with MetaMask by clicking next and connect after that.

connect to account


7. Fowoll the instructions on the picture.

i understand


8. Sign the transaction in MetaMask.



9.  .Crypto claiming process started, so click view domains.

.crypto claiming process started


10. You will see a pending claim. After a while, the transfer will finish, and the manage button will show.

pending claim


I hope the guide was helpful and you know how to buy and claim .crypto domain.












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