How to mint NFT on Binance Smart Chain

In this tutorial, I will show you how to mint NFT on Binance Smart Chain using BakerySwap. A non-fungible token or NFT is a token that uses the ERC-721 standard that is unique from the other tokens. As you already know Bitcoin got a certain amount of coins that are the same and represent the same value. With the NFT standard, every token is unique and represents a different value. Currently, the only two networks that support NFTs are Ethereum and Binance. Etherium is almost impossible to be used by anyone due to the high transaction fees if you want to experience the technology and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars Binance is pretty much the only choice. To follow the tutorial you need to have MetaMask installed and the Binance Snart Chain network added to the wallet. Follow this guide to install MetaMask wallet and this one to add BNC to MetaMask. Minting artwork on BakerySwap is a pretty straightforward process so let’s don’t waste time and proceed with the guide.



1. Go to and connect your MetaMask account (make sure that you are Binance smart chain network)

go to bakeryswap and connect MetaMask


2. Go to the left side of your screen and click NFT marketplace.

NFT marketplace


3. Select mint artwork.

select mint artwork


4. Enter the details of your NFT. In this example will be a picture but you can choose something else.

NFT details


5. Upload the artwork, tick the box and mint your NFT.

upload the artwork


6. Confirm om MetaMask to mint the NFT

confirm metamask wallet


7. Now when you have minted your NFT go to the NFT marketplace and press my artwork.

my artwork


8. Click pending



9. Confirm in MetaMask

preview and confirm


Cngrats, you know how to mint NFT on Binance Smart Chain using Bakeryswap.




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